Pietro is a California native and outdoor enthusiast who began his photography career on the islands of Hawaii, using natural light to bring organic beauty to his subject matter. He specializes in portrait, commercial, free-form, and fashion photography.

Alway advocating for originality, Pietro strives to make every photo a testament to the individual's character. He loves working with new talent and people who are inexperienced at posing because he believes that both he and the client have a better opportunity to grow and generate something unexpected and glamorous.

Pietro believes photography shouldn't be afraid to "get a little dirt it". From his portfolio, his own favorite pieces show a little bit of gritty truth that so many in the industry like to edit out in final production. His profession is also his hobby, and his idea of a perfect and successful day of shoot something beautiful" out in the natural world.

As a bit of a wild child, Pietro brings a relaxed to his photo sessions, preferring innovation and creativity to perfectly choreographed scenes. You don't need to have everything planned or orchestrated. Pietro wants to be able to sit down over coffee or wine and talk about your vision and how you can do something that hasn't been done before.

You don't need to be a model to be part of artful photos. Needing headshots isn't the only reason to get beautiful or striking pictures of yourself. With Pietro Ortiz, a shoot isn't just a transaction, it is about being comfortable with each other and creating something bigger than yourselves. 

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