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Pietro is a California native and outdoor enthusiast who began his photography career on the islands of Hawaii, using natural light to bring organic beauty to his subjects. He specializes in fashion, portrait, commercial, and free-form photography. This profession is also his hobby, and his idea of a perfect and successful day is "shooting something beautiful" out in nature.

As a bit of a wild child, Pietro brings a relaxed energy to his photo sessions, preferring innovation and letting things unfold organically. He believes in collaborating with his subjects and working together on a creative vision. Pietro will always ask to meet for coffee or wine before the shoot to discuss ideas and start the collaboration. He takes his craft seriously but also enjoys the relationships that naturally come about during and after the shoot. 


Whether you need a headshot or a full-blown fashion shoot, Pietro will make it about you and strives to make it a comfortable environment. Pietro focuses on making every photo a testament to the individual's character. 

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